CANCELLED: #PrideBikeBop at Dublin Pride

Image is a photo take during last year's Pride Bike Bop by @embeeie. It shows two queer women cycling away from the camera as they travel north along O'Connell Street, Dublin 1. They're wearing pride flags on their backs (like capes, really) and are holding hands in the air. One of the women also has an "End Direct Provision" tote bag on her back, because end Direct Provision, ffs.
Pride Bike Bop 2021 (Image: @embeeie)

Update 14 June 2022:

In solidarity with our trans & nb siblings, Monthly Cycles has decided to withdraw from Dublin Pride.

This is in light of Dublin Pride’s failure to act or speak against the continued broadcasting of anti-trans rhetoric by their official media partner, RTΓ‰.

We are exploring our options for holding #PrideBikeBop at an alternative event.

More to follow.

End of Update


Original Post (cancelled event details):

It’s almost June – which means ’tis the season to be merry and gay! (sorry) absolutely raging.

Like many things, Pride Month 2021 couldn’t really be celebrated due to the pandemic. And so, because the Dublin Pride March couldn’t take place, Monthly Cycles organised Pride Bike Bop (#PrideBikeBop), with the support of IBikeDublin.

We took our LGBTQ+ selves on a queer cycling tour of Dublin city centre with absolutely epic tunes. (We also gave a cheer as we passed a couple of dapper chaps tying the knot at City Hall!)

And so this year, we thought: Why not do it again – but in the Pride March?

So, we’re bringing back #PrideBikeBop
on Saturday, 25 June 2022.

We ask that everyone who’s joining us registers
via the sign up form at this link. πŸ“

Is this the first time a cycling group has entered the Pride March in Dublin? We think so! So come join us and make a little bit of queer af history! ✊

Important Note: While we understand that some may reject participation in a Dublin Pride event, our current view is to seek reclaim Pride for the community, rather than yield it entirely to corporate capture.

Pride Is Protest, always.



Updated 09 June 2022.


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