The Monthly Cycles mailing list is here!

It’s finally happened. Monthly Cycles has finally set up our mailing list.


You can subscribe here (and the same link can also be found on our About Us page).


We’ll use our mailing list for event announcements and sign-ups, and any ad hoc or urgent updates.

We’ll still use our social media accounts for our announcements and updates, but the mailing list will mean that you won’t miss out on what’s happening, just because you didn’t spot our tweet or update on the timeline.


What else?

We’ll only use your contact details for sending out emails as described above, and we won’t share those details with anyone other than the online mailing list service we use.

We use SendInBlue, a mailing list service that’s similar to MailChimp, but is based in the EU. (GDPR and all that, don’t you know.)

If you’ve any questions, just holler!


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